• Organizers

    LEAP could not run without our dedicated volunteers

    Janice Zang

    Member of LEAP Initiative | Founder of N1 Life, Inc.

    Janice is a bay area entrepreneur working in biotech industry. With her experience in running NGO and background in biochemical research and medicine, Janice has been devoted her effort on PPE sourcing and procurement, as well as establishing external collaborations.

    Mengyuan Gu

    Software Engineer at Google Health

    With tech background, Mengyuan has been working on scaling up and promotion of the campaign in all directions, as well as hospital outreach.


    "Being together heart and soul is the simplest but most privileged thing everyone could do."

    Songnan Wang

    Medical student at Stanford University School of Medicine

    With her experience and countless outreach to the frontline, Songnan has led the efforts of supply allocation and distribution.

    Xinyuan (Lisa) Zhang

    Medical student at Stanford University School of Medicine

    With her resources, Lisa has been working on leading the collaboration with external organizations and frontline outreach.


    "As a soon-to-be doctor, I have the duty to do my part to protect frontline healthcare workers, disseminate accurate medical knowledge, and provide comfort and help to those around me."

    Liqin Zhang

    CFE of LEAP Initiative

    Liqin has been providing the financial support at all time.

    Qin Han

    CEO of LEAP Initiative

    Qin has been providing the legal support at all time.

  • Marketing and Comms

    Siyan Wang

    A life wanderer

    "I have had my invitation to this world’s festival, and thus my life has been blessed."

    Jenny Wang

    Graduate student at Stanford University

    Lin Shi

    PhD student at Stanford University

    "Really appreciate everyone from LEAP for their dedication and helping hands to people in need!"

  • Frontline Outreach & PPE Distribution

    Jingyuan Chen

    Postdoc at Stanford, scientist & one who is honest to oneself

    "Why contribute -- If not me, who; if not now, when?"

    Ziyuan He

    Postdoc at Stanford University

    Mingqiu Wang

    Software Engineer at Google Health

    Andy Liu

    Medical student at Stanford University

    Weijia Hou

    Jian Lu

    Software Engineer at Google Health

  • Acknowledgement

    All the volunteers and friends that contributed, and we would like to say: thank you!

  • Lijin Wang, Clarisse, Gloria, Xin Zhe, Yunqi Li, Weijie Lan, Allen Wang, Qiaoqiao Jiang, Wanlu Li, Jiaxin, Wen Li, Wenjie, Ben Huang, Yi Feng, Heng Xiao, Xiaohong, Wendy

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