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Why are we doing this?

COVID-19 has swept across the world this year. As of 03/22/2020, North America alone has over 32k confirmed cases, and the numbers are still climbing rapidly.

Hospitals are working as fast as possible to get more critically needed face masks through their normal supply chain, but there have been dramatic delays in manufacturing ramp up and payment exchange. As a result, healthcare workers across the country have faced a dire shortage of equipment, and have had to reuse masks and resort to DIY solutions while awaiting the arrival of additional personal protective equipment (PPE). This situation exposes them to additional risk of infection.

As you may have seen, many hospitals and healthcare workers are in urgent need of PPE donations. Harvard-affiliated hospitals also released a new policy that employees must wear masks (surgical or procedural) at all times, further showcasing the importance of PPE for our healthcare workers.

Frontline healthcare workers are fighting to protect all of us, and we owe it to them to do what we can to help protect them!

At this tense moment, LEAP volunteers have decided to devote everything in power again to support against the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

How can we help?

We have started a fundraise to purchase PPEs (personal protective equipment) for frontline healthcare workers, particularly: N95 face masks, surgical masks, and face shields, and support hospitals in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and potentially expand to hospitals in other states based on funding and supply availability. We will also send the support and supplies to the senior communities and their care providers. Any funds remaining after PPE purchases will be donated to local food banks and other COVID-19 related help initiatives. We have established close relationships with volunteers in China who are dedicated to help with the procurement and logistics.


Thanks to the volunteers from a coalition of South China University of Technology Bay Area alumni,Stanford graduate students and alumni and a group of Googlers in the Bay Area for initiating the efforts! We would love you to join us by donating through GoFundMe, so that more purchases and donations can be made to support healthcare workers and those in urgent need.


Requesting donations on behalf of a hospital?

To add requests for PPE donations to specific hospitals, please fill out this form.

We’ve collected all the currently known hospitals in need of donations here, in a list which has also been shared with the public for the purpose of donation and drop-off.

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